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End of the road

2004-03-08 01:26:08.187818+00 by Shawn 2 comments

I couldn't find the original discussion for this (although the Search system seems to be working much better :-), but Jesus Castillo has finally reached the end of the road (http://www.cbldf.org/pr/archives/000146.shtml). In 2000 he was arrested for selling an adult comic book to an adult police officer. The prosecution's entire case was that comic books are a medium exclusively for children, and therefore Mr. Castillo was selling obscene material to minors.

The final nail in his coffin came recently when the Supreme Court denied his petition (which was no surpise to experts, but killed what little hope there was).

- Shawn

comments in ascending chronological order (reverse):

#Comment Re: adult comic books made: 2004-03-08 01:49:47.192423+00 by: polly

Quote "Comic books, traditionally what we think of, are for kids. This is in a store directly across from an elementary school and it is put in a medium, in a forum, to directly appeal to kids."

Adult comic books written for adults...sounds like an "adult store" that should not be located across from an elementary school...therefore, why would a kid be in an adult store? Sounds more like a witch hunt by the "religious factors". I wonder when comic books were designated as solely for kids...there are a lot of comics out there worth big $$ that "kids" could never save enough money in their piggy banks to buy.

#Comment Re: made: 2004-03-08 15:37:17.861103+00 by: Shawn

[meta] Okay, this is weird. I posted this some time ago, but now it appears to have been (magically) given the same date as the new comment. I'm not seeing this behavior anywhere else though. [/meta]