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Erotic Museums in Japan

2004-03-15 22:07:23.236469+00 by TC 1 comments

Trying to get Flutterby into my regular rhythm so here's a link of a visit to an Erotic museum in Japan. While semi on the subject, we were chatting about Dan's party panties at Scotchnight and their possible use in clubs and all the parlor tricks you could pull (send a wave of pleasure through the crowd or various synchronizations with music and lights. My initial thought is this would be a lot fun to hack. See that girl that looks bored over there? Watch this.....

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#Comment Re: erotic museums of japan made: 2004-03-15 22:46:29.556298+00 by: polly

i checked out the link to the erotic museums of japan. are these supposed to be similar to going to the "adult theatre" in the USA? from an artistic point of view, someone put some time & effort into the "models" and scenes of the first two museums...can't say that i found the third interesting.... sheesh..looking at too much sex sites...not good when i'm just playing "single" right now.