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)^( Trip 2004

2004-09-10 14:16:57.574095+00 by meuon 3 comments

5200 Miles and several planets later, we made it back from Burning Man. In many ways it was a great trip, Nancy, Jen and I had a blast, even though this was a quick trip compared to years past. Nancy has a real job and had to get back to work ASAP. The burn itself was different for me than the past two years. Partially because we camped in the burbs (8:00 and Pluto) instead of a theme camp, partially because Nancy and I were having fun together being tourists (although we were both very burn-ish, making lots of people glow and in other ways). But I also noticed that the community was much more touristy and rave/party focused then before. The geeks, the artists, the truly strange and wonderful people of Burning Man were there, but in much smaller numbers and with less to show/share/give...

The first days (Mon-Wed) were windy and dusty enough we did not get out much, other days and nights were great, the weather cool (and cold at night), I took some obligitory pictures, more like snapshots, but I usually did not see anything that really inspired me for some real photography. It's also easier to take pics when you are alone, it can be time consuming.

)^( will continue to be important in my life, it's lessons have become part of who I am, and I'll be back someday (next year ?? ), but I also realized that I have other adventures in my life, great friends to share them with and especially with Nancy.

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#Comment Re: made: 2004-09-10 14:28:32.384201+00 by: ziffle

Great Photos!

#Comment Re: made: 2004-09-14 16:57:24.260685+00 by: TC

Third time burn out....its weird but it seems to happen to everyone. Not sure when I'll go again but I always want to go, even if just to "observe"(dangerous burning man word) how the community/culture is dealing with it's scaling issues. Thanks for the pictures

#Comment Re: made: 2004-09-14 19:09:02.309374+00 by: meuon

Having had some cenversations with some others.. I'd say it was not burn-out. But it is true that my perspective has changed over the years.