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RapidSSL Kudos

2005-10-01 13:29:57.133599+00 by meuon 1 comments

I hade been using Comodo for my *.cybrmall.com wildcard SSL certificate, cause a year ago they were the cheapest by a large margin. I recently tried to renew with them (at $399) and was unable to because their interface kept saying I needed to login with another login/password (than the only one I had) to renew that certicate. Calls to tech support got 'all lines are busy, e-mail us', and my emails got back a form response saying ' you can not request a login/password change more than 3 times in 24hrs ' - In other words, complete system shutdown. Goodbye Comodo.

I picked RapidSSL.com and was blow away how simple and streamlined their website and process was in comparison, and that I had a valid Tier 1 wildcard ssl certificate in under 30 minutes after I started the process by clicking 'buy'. They 'identified' me by both emailing the admin contacts for my domain, as well as an automated phone call where I verified a number on the web page and they recorded a sample of my voice (which means they verified my phone # as well). I saved $200, no faxing and waiting, and everything worked so well I feel compelled to share.

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#Comment Re: made: 2006-10-01 21:28:28.093347+00 by: meuon

Just gotta add.. I've just updated *.cybrmall.com, as well as bought another wildcard for a project, and I'm just blown away that these guys are still in business, and that the system will works as well as it did, if not faster. Call it.. Under 10 minutes. So just a quick: RapidSSL Still Rocks!!!