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2006-03-13 01:20:59.487906+00 by meuon 1 comments

Sore. But not hurting. I should probably thank Eric's yoga classes for guys (I stretched first), and a bunch of other factors, but I amazed myself this weekend. No kewl X-Games sports, caving or even epic hikes or bicycle rides. Yard Work. Not just yard work, but rent the backhoe for the weekend, have 300 6x12z16 terracing blocks (I can barely carry them with 2 hands) delivered, tear out retaining walls and wood, shovel footings by hand, and carry and lay block weekends. But wait, this is no ordinary yard, all of this was done on a slope that is nearly impossible to stand on...and the backhoe was unstable and unusable on most of it even from the driveway side. Add chainsaws, hatchets, shovels and big bottles of H20 with electrolytes. Neighbor John helped a little Saturday, Nancy's son Ben helped a little Sunday, but two gruelling days of strenuous labor are over, and the wall looks great. Best part of being exhausted: Nancy cooked and waited on me when we took breaks. It's nice being pampered ever once in a while. I'll add some pics, but right now the camera is too heavy and the driveway too long. But I'm amazed it's 99% done.. in two days, almost by myself.

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#Comment Re: made: 2006-03-13 17:55:53.074618+00 by: Nancy

I have to second this entry. The wall really does look great, and the amount of effort it took was really huge. Ben is a healthy 21 year old, and his first comment to me was "These blocks are HEAVY!" To which I responded, "Yea, Mike moved two pallets worth by himself yesterday." The more he worked, the more amazed Ben was at the amount of work Mike'd done, mostly alone. (We are VERY grateful for John's & Ben's help though!)

And, Mike, you know I'd pamper you all the time, but I tell myself you'd get tired of it after a little while, so I don't. [laughing]