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New CussPhrase

2006-05-30 02:47:23.691627+00 by meuon 0 comments

Next time I take on advanced JavaScript, like attempting to write special purpose plugins for FCKeditor (which is incredible) please point me back to this post.

The steps:

  • Edit Code, CSS stylesheets, pop-up pages.. etc..
  • Save
  • Point browser to another webpage
  • Clear Private Data (Ctrl-Shift-Del in FireFox)
  • Close Browser
  • Open Browser (set to test page w/login/password and special vars to set test conditions as home page)
  • Test Function in Development
  • Cuss - cause it almost works like you want it to.
  • Rinse, Repeat as Necessary.
I know the browser SHOULD clear all with a Ctrl-Shift-Del, but I swear sometimes it doesn't.

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