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Synergy Rocks

2006-12-20 02:17:37.125907+00 by andylyke 0 comments

Per Dan's suggestion several months back I decided to try "Synergy", an app that enables sharing mouse and keyboard, including clipboard, among a number of computers. I've got an XP laptop and an Ubuntu box, and was forever typing on the wrong keyboard so that, for example, Dan received a Skype chat message from me that said "cd .." (He, of course, came back with /earth/usa/ca/lagunas/house) So, with considerable help from Dan and a few false starts, I've installed Synergy, and now have a three monitor, two OS, one keyboard, one mouse (oh, and a partridge in a pear tree) desktop. On windows, it's easy, and if you know enough about linux to add a host, it's virtually self installing on ubuntu linux using the ubuntu package via Synaptic. Two thumbs up. If Dan's dad can do it, so can you.

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