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24 Hours of LeMons

2007-04-13 21:42:54.789508+00 by ebradway 1 comments

24 Hours of LeMons. Not Le Mans - LeMons - as in lemons. A 24-hour race of cars purchased and equipped for less than $500. Hard part - the car had to be manufactured for use on California highways. My first car was a 1972 Mercury Montego that I bought from my high school Biology teacher for $250. Me and my family put about 40K miles on it before selling it for $500. I used to have a Dodge Spirit that I bought for $300 (again, from a Biology teacher) that probably had an good 50K miles left in it...

Meuon, up for a challenge?

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#Comment Re: made: 2007-04-14 20:25:22.993098+00 by: meuon

$500 for a trashracable clunker.. Sure. Then $500+ for entry plus $100 per driver.. +$75 per non-driver.. Whoa.. Add in a fire-suit and other gear and we start talking above a lark-level budget.

My Sub-$1000 past cars include a 1953 Jaguar Princess Coupe (fixed up and sold), A Karman Ghia Wagon, a couple of bugs, a 1972 Ford LTD Wagon (w/Fake Wood Grain), a Pinto.. a 1953 Ford F100 I drove for 7+ years.. and.. uh.. I've forgotten what all.

I like the idea of racing clunkers on the cheap though. I'm thinking a little SCCA-like orange cones and mall-parking lot action would be a blast.