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Re: PCs, NPCs and Character Entry/Exit

In a message dated 3/5/99 11:02:04 AM Pacific Standard Time,
todd@notreality.com writes:

> Does anyone have any ideas on how to keep a story going for 4+ hours without
>  forcing all the players to be there the entire time?

I often script out interactive plots for my games (run at player game
conventions ~~Pacificon & Dundracon, etc..) and time them between 6-10hours.
I set up (usually) 3 plot points (one point per 2 hours) and move toward
climax on 3rd point.  But the 4th point (last few hours) I reserve for
flexibiliy, and wrap up the loose ends to bring closure for the "One Shot

Most Non-computer RP games fall into 2 categories: One shot, or campaign.  One
shot is a one time event.  You play the character once, and then you don't
play the character again (because he dies, or you don't like the character, or
even don't like the game/referee, etc.).  Most of the time AD&D type RPG's
evolve into Campaign's or Mini-campaigns (ongoing stories that only have a few
runs = 3 or 4 games for example).  

Most of my role playing games are campaigns, and my own games usually are
considered FULL SCALE CAMPAIGNS: ie., 5-15 human players, well over 30
official games, some times the campaign lasts several real world years in
length.  My longest game so far is a Cyberpunk 2020 RPG (ala William Gibson)
which lasted from 1991-97 and had over a hundred sessions and about 25 players
from around the State.  Probably my best work.

BTW- Cool butter fly story... kind of like chaos theory?