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Re: chick flick? (story vs emotion)

>The world I am heading for probably wont run on todays machines even. I know
>this an area where Dan and I disagree and we'll just see what path we take.
>I am sad that it will this will limit the target audience at first but I
>feel we need to build the technology to a certain standard (whatever that
>may be) and let the hardware catch up :(

Myself, I'm in utter and complete disagreement with this. But that's ok -
because I have an idea of what you're trying to accomplish with the
nonverbal communication phrase, and I can understand the neccessity for a
better medium than what I have.

If you are creating a story, then logically, it would seem that you'd want
something which everyone can read, like verbal storytellers or books.
Interactive stories require a different medium, but we've still got that
annoying "verbal" portion of storytellers.

I'll digress for a momemt, and mention an idea I just had. A story changing
depending on who the narrator is? Campside tales, five people telling the
same story, different emotions, context, etc. Digression ove

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