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Re: PCs, NPCs and Character Entry/Exit

>You have covered some deep thoughts.  I figured you may want to hear from a
>veteran RPG guy.  First a response to a thread:

Ah, a brother! ;)

>So all those random bits of information (the price of lima beans and book
>sales in department store windows) all need to be noticed and recorded by the
>various NPC's, because eventually someone needs to realize and NOTICE the
>player is loitering around the Mall. Maybe an NPC security guard will be the

Very good point...

>Resolving these issues early in game design will help the world become more
>immersive and put more enjoyment on the player side of things.    I don't
>think this answers the  questions as much as restaties the problems.  They are
>deep questions, worthy of note.  But now you all have my take on things.  Feel
>free to write back and ask "What the hell are you thinking Tim???"

Well, we could always take the "Magic" cop out. "Where did Tommy, the
Undefeatable Demon of Non Bad Connections and the Question Sleep Campaign?"
... "Must be the Magic again!".

Hell, taking a real world situation, we could always blame it on those
aliens. Or we could make it as realistic as possible. In the bio, chem, sci
advanced world that I see, you could always have the character turn to
stone if they leave - the stone is explained by a biological disease which
everyone is aware and susceptible too - in fact, it could be the reason
everyone is playing the game - to stop the stone thing...

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