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Summer of Love Revival

2007-05-11 01:21:29.201893+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

It's another event at the San Geronimo Valley Community Center: The Wavy Gravy Summer of Love Revival, on Saturday, June 2nd2007, 4-9 PM. Art opening with original works by Wavy Gravy, Jerry Garcia, Dave Sheridan, Stanely Mouse, and MOT. Live Music from the Revival All Stars, with members of Zero, the Jerry Garcia Band, Big Brother and the Holding Company, and other acts you've heard of.

Partial proceeds to support Camp Winnarainbow.

C'mon out and party like it's 1969! Except it ends at 9PM rather than going for 3 days, and it'll be June in Marin, so it'll be pleasant, rather than wet and soggy... And Jerry's dead, but everyone else can still groove.

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