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hardcore vs softcore

2007-05-13 01:00:56.207866+00 by Dan Lyke 1 comments

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#Comment Re: made: 2007-05-13 10:41:24.217422+00 by: meuon

He has some interesting valid observations regarding soft-core and hard core, but I'm not sure I agree with his conclusions. Like the people I've met at 'events' ranging from Skin Two parties in London to the Temple of Atonement and other places at Burning Man or 'Con's in the SouthEast... Everyone has different buttons, and different reasons to need/have them pushed. Softcore has a place: advertising, art/erotica... porn. It pushes buttons that need to be pushed, allows room for a little personal fantasy. Hardcore, as he defines it with a man -and- woman (or 2 men or two women in gay porn) in the scene, can also be "something for the both of you". BDSM/Festish... Pushes very different buttons. Deeper psychological levers.

But then, not everyone should drive a Ferrari either.