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Cafe Grattitude

2007-07-02 14:55:53.514849+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

On Friday evening we went over the hill for dessert. Dropped in at Fairfax Scoop[Wiki], but Charlene was wanting something non-dairy and non-soy, and though they do have a sorbet there, we decided to search further. We ended up at the San Anselmo[Wiki]Cafe Grattitude, where we had an awesome coconut lime "cheesecake", and a decent peach "cheesecake". Sunday afternoon we were bouncing around the San Anselmo area and went there for a late lunch, and weren't disappointed, the "lasagna" I had was really more of a veggie torte, but the flavors still worked out pretty nicely.

And the staff pulled off the cheesey theme (Everything on the menu is an affirmation, my dish was an "I Am Fabulous") masterfully.

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