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Exchange & IMAP

2007-07-10 22:53:50.689251+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

Oh lord, now the Exchange team is doing it:

BAAAHAHAHAAHAHAHA...wait, IMAP doesn't allow you to search the server store separately from the client cache? Wow, Exchange/Outlook's piss-poor IMAP performance makes sense now: The devs behind them don't know the friggin' protocol specs. I suggest they take a look at a Microsoft product that actually gives a rat's ass about IMAP, namely Entourage, talk to the E'rage team, and learn what IMAP actually does. See, this is what happens when you really want to rag on the iPhone, but are pretending to rag on IMAP. Focus guys, I know Microsoft has no clue about what "focus" means, but go look at your own dictionary, it'd be a start.

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