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Must Be Food Day

2007-07-12 19:28:26.93107+00 by ebradway 2 comments

An interesting pictorial: What the World Eats.

It's also a lesson in modern global economic divisons. There is about an order of magnitude different in the amount spent per week by families in the Core vs. Semi-Periphery vs. Periphery. They don't normalize for GDP or family size.

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#Comment Re: made: 2007-07-12 19:46:06.021954+00 by: Dan Lyke

Hmmmm... Zack[Wiki] is headed off to college and trying to do living budgets. This'd be a good thing for him to see as he's trying to figure out how to stretch that food dollar.

#Comment Re: made: 2007-07-12 19:54:54.380178+00 by: ebradway

Giant bags of Quinoa and dried beans. A rice cooker and a cockpot. And salads in season.

When I first started in college, I lived on generic mac'n'cheese with hot dogs cut up in it. Less sodium than ramen noodles. But I wouldn't recommend either anymore.

For the college student, I highly recommend scanning the school website and general emails for events featuring free food. Keep tupperware in your backpack for those frequent times when there are left overs. I managed to slash my food bill in half last semester by attending at least three such events a week. Unfortunately, I also gained weight...