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Marin Century today!

2007-08-04 13:33:55.962185+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

As volunteer coordinator for the Marin Century/Mt Tam Double bike ride, I love my volunteers dearly. However... The first that reduced me to hysterical giggles was a guy who, after I've been sending mail for a few months, replied Thursday evening with "...I've been meaning to contact you..." for the affirmative for a pretty key and hard to fill role. Love that he's doing it, but more than a day's warning would have saved some stress.

The other was that Charlene and I went out to put warning signs on the north course last night, a great set of documentation, descriptions and photos illustrating where every numbered sign was to go... only it was sorted by sign type, not by, say, mile position on the course.

The AV aid from that that I'm going to use at the volunteer appreciation event was the one page that had two missing location photos, but still had arrows in the blank spaces showing where the signs were supposed to go.

At this point, the avalanche is underway, it's too late to worry about the pebbles. 20 minutes and we're off to Bolinas Fairfax Road and Route 1 to set up an aid station.

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