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Unfairness Doctrine

2007-09-07 13:36:39.063689+00 by petronius 1 comments

As everybody knows by now, actor/politician Fred Thompson has thrown his hat into the Presidential ring. One issue being discussed is his ubiquity on television (particularly Turner Broadcasting) as DA Arthur Branch on the unescapable crime series Law and Order. TNT runs up to 23 episodes of the long-running series each week. Turner has indicated that they might not change anything, as it is questionable that the federal Fariness Doctrine applies to cable TV.

Yet, irony won the day. Thompson declare at midnight Thursday. I was watching the first evening episode of L&O Thursday evening. The episode was an older one, which introduced actress Dianne Weist as the DA, a role she played for about 2 years before Thompson signed on. It was her introduction to the series, and she was welcomed into office by none other than NY Mayor Rudy Giuliani. If they want fairness, they'll get it good and hard.

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#Comment Re: made: 2007-09-09 16:31:34.471317+00 by: polly

again i have to decide when it comes to voting for a president...who is the lesser of two evils. i'm neither dem or repub but lean the dem way, i vote a split ticket every time...but i'm having a harder time each presidential year of deciding who to vote for. the "evils" are getting harder to identify :<