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Vista bitching

2007-09-16 18:00:30.065924+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

Playing with writing an installer using NSIS on Windows Vista. Now that I've actually tried to use Vista for a few minutes, I quickly realized that a right click on the desktop, "Personalize", "Window Color and Appearance" and uncheck "Enable transparency" is a necessity. There are systems that do window transparency well. Vista is not one of them. Oh, wait, there's a "Windows classic" theme, too. Ahh, much better.

Now if I can just figure out (again) what the magic incantations are to get the Cygwin emacs understanding C-space and C-c, this system might actually be usable. Except that my whole task for today is trying to make installation of a .Net app usable, and figure the right way to obfuscate the components. Checking into Xenocode and other options...

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