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Letter to my congresscritters

2007-09-21 20:34:59.374673+00 by Dan Lyke 1 comments

Sent to Lynn Woolsey, Diane Feinstein, and Barbara Boxer:

Today, Boston area authorities detained a young MIT student at Logan International Airport with what they claim is "a fake bomb". After seeing pictures of the device in question, it's clear that we've had a major breakdown in security, and this is the latest of several failures of Boston authorities to reasonably assess risk, from charging Joseph Privetara with making a bomb threat because he used wires in his reenactment of a scene from Abu Ghraib to their overreaction to the devices used to promote whatever that cartoon show was.

The United States federal government has spent billions of dollars on security in the wake of 9/11, allegedly to make us safer. If law enforcement in the Boston area is still unable to distinguish these devices from actual threats, this money has clearly been wasted.

We should find out why it's being wasted and where it's going. I'm calling on you as my elected representative to open hearings into the potential malfeasance of Boston area authorities and their spending of money that should be earmarked for security, because it's clearly not being spent where it would do good.

Thank you.

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#Comment Re: made: 2007-09-21 22:01:57.694704+00 by: Diane Reese

Bravo! I shall be making similar requests.