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Apple service

2007-10-10 17:47:35.356259+00 by Dan Lyke 1 comments

Just got my Mac back from repair for a noisy fan. The disk was wiped. They did warn me, but it's still annoying. On the other hand, the front latch now works, and it never worked before, so since the woman who took it from me also commented that a lot of MacBook Pros have warped top panels and she thought they'd replace that, maybe they just swapped the whole darned machine.

Nothing in my user directory that wasn't backed up or in source control, but a whole lot of stuff installed in the system that'll take me a while to get back on (and is harder to back up because who wants to try to play the "what's newer in the system?" game, especially since the next system is likely to be different?). Oh well. At least the SuperDrive update that had been saying "nothing to do" at every boot will probably sort itself out.

Interesting tidbits: If you get an appointment before going to an Apple store for service you'll wait about as long or a little longer than you will to talk to someone at the service counter of, say, CompUSA, but it probably allows Apple to carry half the staff of an equivalent electronics store. You don't need an appointment for picking up hardware (but it seemed like even at opening time they didn't mind the lighter load).

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#Comment Re: made: 2007-10-10 19:47:22.848222+00 by: ebradway

I've well surpassed the point where the software on my computer costs more than the computer itself. I've also wondered about Adobe's activation on CS3. I think you only get a limited number before you have to buy a new license. Not to mention, reinstalling everything would take several days' effort. So I've been making regular full-system backups - not to protect the data - but to avoid the enormous length of time it takes to reinstall.