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Gay Hardy Boys

2007-10-31 14:43:13.220451+00 by Dan Lyke 2 comments

10 Zen Monkeys: How Gay Were The Hardy Boys? (via someone's link feed, may have been NowThis).

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comments in ascending chronological order (reverse):

#Comment Re: made: 2007-10-31 16:14:22.91032+00 by: meuon

Golly Gee Whiz! Do you really think those gay young men were not heterosexuals? Queer how words and cliche's have changed over the years. A faggot of books with odd, but proper usages doesn't amount to a poof of a reason. Someone must be light in the loafers to suggest such a thing.

#Comment Re: made: 2007-10-31 16:47:53.74454+00 by: Dan Lyke

Giggle. I'm reading a biography of Alan Turing right now... To a certain crowd those words have meant the same thing for well over a hundred years, it's only in the past twenty or thirty that society in general has let enough light shine on the underground that they've gotten to mainstream usage.