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A clue for Apple

2007-11-02 16:06:25.853678+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

Hey, Apple! It'd be really freakin' nice if y'all wouldn't keep moving your documents around randomly. Mostly it's fine, I can just use Google's cache, but every once in a while I find a PDF (and what sort of lazy *&^%$#@ bozo uses PDFs for documentation? PDFs are for documents that you don't want people to actually be able to use) that has all the critical stuff in it, and I find that you've done yet another stupid documentation reorg on your servers and rather than being taken to the document I asked for, or even a useful document, I'm being redirected to the blackhole, http://developer.apple.com/index.html , where I'll be forced to dig through chapter headings for ages to try to find the one line that I was trying to confirm.

I'll ask it yet again: Why do Apple and Microsoft lead the market despite doing their absolute best to make development on either of their platforms as difficult as possible relative to the open source world? Clearly, not only do they hate developers, reason and logic, but their customers hate developers, reason and logic.

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