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A few notes from the power outage

2008-01-10 19:33:06.338169+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

This last weekend we were stopped some place to refuel, and there was a poor guy with a monster PG&E cherry picker running up against the "$100 per credit card transaction" issue at the pumps. We laughed about the silliness about that, but I guess when you're responding to wherever the trouble is, you can't do the "I know I'll need X gallons at this location, so the company can just set up an account...".

And then Saturday afternoon, as we were dealing with the blown over bike shed, the Comcast guys came by to check the cable connections, we started up a conversation after an amusing call from the guy in the cherry picker to the guy in the other truck, both of which were parked next to the huge drop-off above the Lagunitas house, asking to make sure that the parking brake was set...

They were talking smack about the PG&E guys, "don't worry about it, we saw PG&E coming. Of course it was one truck. A small one.". Power was still out for a few days.

Anyway, today's pictures of a 22 year old who hasn't yet grasped his mortality, in the process of attempting to make our lives more comfortable, accompanies this article on PG&E crews still trying to bring power back on after last week's storm.

Addendum: Holy crap, watch the video of the limb breaking under that guy. Bet he needed to do laundry.

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