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2008-01-20 01:26:34.972391+00 by Dan Lyke 7 comments

Out of context quote of the moment: I was coming out of the bathroom, and Charlene asked "while you were there, did you notice if it was 12 inches?"

(Lest any of you size queens get too excited, we'd just been out looking at toilet replacement options and were looking at the distance from the wall to the drain center...)

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#Comment Re: made: 2008-01-20 04:18:59.975835+00 by: meuon

Comments re: toilets, cause we just did this as well (6 month ago?)

Buy one of the 'wonderflush' variety. They work 'cause the flapper valve is much bigger. The really kewl (expensive) ones have pressurized tanks, it wasn't worth that for me/us though. But it sure works better. But my real digression is bowl shape: I bought a 'normal' round size/shape bowl because our bathroom is pretty darn tiny. It fits well and while I really can't complain, if our bathroom was big enough I'd really rather have an elongated bowl. Women don't care quite as much, but if you're a guy having a extra little room in front means you don't occaisionally rub or scoot too far back and.. well..

#Comment Re: made: 2008-01-20 13:28:12.158398+00 by: DaveP

Ditto on the wonderflush. One of the hotels I've stayed at in San Jose (Hilton Towers, maybe?) had the one with the pressurized tank, and I was pretty sure it would've sucked down a grapefruit if I'd had the nerve to try it.

It's not too often I'm impressed by a toilet, but DANG!

#Comment Re: made: 2008-01-20 16:16:25.522489+00 by: Dan Lyke

We put in one of those pressure assist toilets when we lived at Willow Ave, and I loved the flushing power, but you couldn't flush in the middle of the night without waking the neighborhood. I'll have to dig out the docs we got yeterday, the two things we're interested in are the two level flush and a full skirt so cleaning's easier.

#Comment Re: made: 2008-01-22 00:16:03.312029+00 by: polly

was it 12"?

#Comment Re: made: 2008-01-22 13:50:43.205705+00 by: other_todd

If you would like to sound professional when buying a toilet, that crucial wall-to-center-of-soil-pipe distance is called the "rough-in." (No, I didn't know it before writing about toilets either.) Glad you thought to look at it in advance. I know someone who bought a toilet, had the bottom all puttied up, wax ring, everything, and only then realized it didn't fit ... oops!

I second the noise problem on the pressure assists. Had one in a hotel last year. Good god.

#Comment Re: made: 2008-01-22 14:32:42.79023+00 by: Dan Lyke

polly, yep.

todd, actually, checking it was a sales guy recommended thing, something about how the skirt assembly works on this particular toilet means you don't have the usual half inch or so slop.

#Comment Re: toilets made: 2008-01-22 15:14:39.413242+00 by: andylyke [edit history]

We've replaced three toilets (in response to the local drought) recently, with a model from Kohler that has an oversized trap diameter, glazed internally. I was apprehensive about 1.6 gpf stools, but these work wonderfully. they're also "comfort height" (I think that was the term) which is an inch or so taller than the standard, but lower than the ADA type. That added little bit makes a world of difference in comfort while not forcing shorter people to buy a step ladder. I forget the model name, but it was just at $200 in Lowes.

I'm also enthusiastic about Kohler as a company, after I had one of their shower doors (tempered glass, frameless) virtually explode in my hands as I was installing it. Their first, spontaneous response when I called in was "were you hurt?" This contrasted with the policies of companies I've worked for that sought to turn the blame against the customer, presumably to avoid liability. Then Kohler overnighted a replacement door to me. That's how you earn my loyalty!!