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upgrading Windows

2008-05-15 12:58:12.239778+00 by Dan Lyke 1 comments

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#Comment Re: made: 2008-05-15 13:17:30.501063+00 by: JT

I got a free upgrade to vista when I bought my computer a number of months ago. I thought I'd give it a try Monday night after having some disk problems. Instead of repairing I decided to go ahead and give it a shot.

After hosing my backup drive (thankfully I keep two backups) it finally installed after about three disk formats on my raid. My nvidia card and two monitors which normally run at 3360x1050 are run on two scepter naga 20.1" widescreens. Vista recognized one, but not the other. I let windows update the driver, the main screen went out of range and my second screen would only come up at 1280x960. After blindly clicking on the monitor on the left and trying to drag a window I can't see onto the right to change resolution, I finally got the screen over to change the monitor on the left to 1680x1050x16 (the only resolution it would run)

I figured it was a problem with microsoft's driver, so I went to nvidia and downloaded the video and forceware driver since I wasn't getting the software support for raid or sound. After downloading their drivers, I installed the video driver, rebooted, and lost the left screen again. 20 more clicks and drags blindly got the monitor back but only at 1680x1060x16 at 59hz. I decided to swap out both monitors since one didn't seem to be having problems and the same problem happened again. One monitor had to run at 16 bit color, one at 32, one at 60hz and one at 59hz. No two monitors could stand to be under the same settings at the same time.

I decided I'd mess with it Tuesday morning since it was pushing 11:00 now, so I installed forceware drivers to get my audio working, restarted, and lost my left monitor, but still had no sound.

I reinstalled xp Tuesday morning.