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Django web development

2008-08-05 05:39:41.046184+00 by Dan Lyke 1 comments

Charlene's out of town this week, and with the arm out of commission I decided to swing a little personal code in the evening. I started out toying with the Google App Engine, but after a few references that it really wanted to be Django when it grew up, and that "...it is possible to use nearly the entire Django stack on Google App Engine.", I decided to start with Django.

Much has changed since this tutorial was written, but I think I've got a grasp on things, and maybe tomorrow evening I'll see if I can start to see how the Flutterby CMS would look in Django. I think much of it should be reworking HTML templates, with the only really hard part being the user input management structure, where I put a lot of time into making sure that y'all (generically) couldn't sneak nasty JavaScript or what-have-you into comments.

Not that we've ever really been a rich enough target for that.

But I also like the way they approach their data model...

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#Comment Re: made: 2008-08-12 18:59:41.122213+00 by: meuon [edit history]

Not exactly the Google App Engine, but we have been having fun with Google Juice, a Google Gadget for monitoring your electricity usage. The caching of the Gadget and it's data can be frustrating unless you use: My Gadgets to control the caching of your gadget while you are working on it.

Beware, there are broken and possibly malicious clones of "My Gadgets" as well as other popular Google Gadgets.