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2008-10-29 16:22:47.690836+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

Well, we voted yesterday evening. Did the usual sit down with the voter information guides and the computers and run through the various options, although most of the issues were pretty simple this election. I mean, voting against the MADD endorsement is icing on the cake when the "law and order" propositions (6 and 9) were already mostly funded by a fraudster with some frightening notions of consent (to be fair, he's only been indicted, not convicted, and he was building a "sex cave", which I count as the only mark in his favor), the "give money to Texas oil men under the guise of green initiatives" props were pretty blatant, and the h8ers are beating people up with their own signs. Lots of "no", although a grudging "yes" for Prop 5, because although it isn't the right thing to do it is a step in that direction, and it pisses off the right people.

Locally, the town council race was a little harder to dig through, but Petaluma's Proposition K, which is not to be confused with San Francisco's Prop K, was fairly simple. It's allegedly a rollback of water rates (from Petaluma's already absurdly low water and sewer costs), I'd already made up my mind on it, but Charlene was reading the stuff for the first time, got through the "pro" argument, and said "Wait, how is this supposed to work? This makes no sense." It was good to see that she came to the same conclusion I did, but about 5x faster than me.

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