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Tough market for mistresses

2008-11-24 13:25:42.209479+00 by Dan Lyke 3 comments

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#Comment Re: made: 2008-11-24 14:35:08.492991+00 by: ziffle [edit history]

From the article:

For the ladies out there, there is a common misperception that men should be able to take the attitude women do, that sex is a luxury last on the list of things to do, a burden that can only be afforded on the weekends or vacation or whenever everything else is done. Male readers know that for us, sex is of singular importance. So we’re all on the same page, let me put it plainly. For men, sex is a biological imperative. Without it and without it frequently, men cannot be happy and content

Ladies - please read this.

#Comment Re: made: 2008-11-24 16:37:37.344214+00 by: Nancy

For the men out there, there is a common misperception that all men have higher sex drives than all women. Let me put it plainly. (Well, I'm not sure about the biological imperative thing, but that does make sense to me, so maybe it is true for me, as a woman, as well.) But I will say that without it and without it frequently, I cannot be happy and content.

No one really needs to read this, though. The one person who needs to know already knows. ;-)

#Comment Re: made: 2008-11-25 12:26:58.248665+00 by: meuon

Yeah. I know. [ Grin ]