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Rescue at the Legion of Honor museum

2009-01-04 05:12:10.838874+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

This afternoon we went to meet some friends at the Legion of Honor Museum in San Francisco to see the Leonardo Da Vinci exhibit (Aside to Google: Do you think that if I searched on "Da Vinci San Francisco" I might get that rather than miscellaneous unrelated and a review panning something that happened at the Metreon a year ago?). While we were there, we saw a private ambulance drive up, park, start to unload, a fire truck come by, drive past and turn behind the building, the ambulance guys pack back up, a ladder truck come and unload lots of gear.

I wish I'd gotten video of the putting up of this ladder, because that looked really heavy and difficult to maneuver, and video of the small woman carrying 350' of rope up the ladder, followed by some bigger beefier guys carrying less, 'cause this is a fairly mundane lowering of a victim, circumstances unknown, in a Stokes litter off a building:

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