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2009-05-12 17:12:47.525943+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

So the outage this morning was (apparently) boneheadedness unrelated to this, but...

I have this Perl app, and I wanted it to detach and run in the background under certain circumstances. So I set it up to:

system("setsid sh -c './bin/myapp.pl \& :' > /dev/null 2>\&1 < /dev/null");

except that the arguments I reinvoked it with re-spawned the app thinking it needed to detach.

It was exiting cleanly after that call, so it wasn't like I was using resources or anything, it wasn't a while(1){fork();} situation, it was just this rapidly changing PID that I couldn't get a handle on to kill. So I rebooted the machine.

Then I went to kill off the process on my local machine and realized I could temporarily rename sh, and in fact now, duh, I realize I can just temporarily rename ./bin/myapp.pl.

Anyway, thanks, Meuon, for whatever you did to get the machine to reboot after my Ubuntu upgrade goofiness that apparently left it in a state where it wasn't booting...

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