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The state of health care

2009-11-02 05:34:43.684403+00 by Dan Lyke 1 comments

NY Times article on the health care bill points out that in 2019 12 million citizens and legal residents and 6 million illegal residents will still be uninsured. So all this kerfluffle will cover half of the currently uninsured? Probably the half that don't need insurance as badly, either.

Since we get the real benefits from universal coverage when people can get preventive care, somehow I'm getting the feeling that this whole thing is one big give-away to the health care industry.

A side link on that article lead to a report on a study that showed that children who are hospitalized without insurance are more likely to die than those with insurance.

In addition, uninsured children were in the hospital, on average, for less than a day when they died, compared with a full day for insured children. Children without insurance incurred lower hospital charges — $8,058 on average, compared with $20,951 for insured children.

and now I'm coldly wondering if universal coverage really will drive down emergency room costs.

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#Comment Re: made: 2009-11-03 20:50:50.363967+00 by: Larry Burton

The problem I see with the way health care reform being pushed is that it completely ignores the fact that without a costs the demand soon exceed the supply and rationing will have to result. In fact, cost is the way we ration goods and services that we have a finite supply of.