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The End is Nigh!

2009-11-17 22:52:20.982052+00 by petronius 1 comments

Just got back from seeing the cheerfully destructive 2012, which is big, dumb and a lot of fun. The premise is that a solar cycle is producing so many neutrinos that it is heating up the Earth's core with unpleasent effects. Then I wondered about how the Mayans knew about neutrinos. But one of my favorite sites, Lilek's Bleat has the real skinny on how 2012 came to represent the end of history.

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#Comment Re: made: 2009-11-17 23:05:05.61679+00 by: meuon [edit history]

"big, dumb and a lot of fun" - Sounds like my kind of movie (sometimes) - Thanks.