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How journalism should be done

2010-01-23 00:03:51.401521+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

So there's a big kerfluffle over several planned developments in Petaluma. I'm not going to go too much into the details because this is about journalism, not the specifics. Anyway, the city council is currently dominated by people who are concerned that with more big box strip malls Petaluma's downtown could die and we'd be undifferentiable from any other town in California that has a highway through it, except that we've only got two lanes, so commuting is kinda tough from our town.

Recently, the developer sued the council.

  1. Here's the local paper's version of events. Pretty fluffy, if you don't know the issues theres a whole hell of a lot of background missing.
  2. Here's Michael Aparicio's version published on Empire Report, an upstart citizen journalism web site. Note the background, the description of the approval process, the citing of specific sections of the Environmental Impact Report.
  3. Here's a local blogger with the text of the lawsuit.

You want to know why newspapers are dying? Because they turn out crap like #1, when other people are making #2 and #3 available on the web and they're not. I've entered a discussion related to this in the context of the Press Democrat over on Gina Cuclis's site, and mirrored my comments from that thread.

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