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First "abstinence only" sex ed program that worked

2010-02-03 04:21:08.452935+00 by Dan Lyke 4 comments

An abstinence only sex ed program that works? This appears to be the first study which shows one doing so. From the abstract for Efficacy of a Theory-Based Abstinence-Only Intervention Over 24 Months:

The participants' mean age was 12.2 years; 53.5% were girls; and 84.4% were still enrolled at 24 months. Abstinence-only intervention reduced sexual initiation (risk ratio [RR], 0.67; 95% confidence interval [CI], 0.48-0.96). The model-estimated probability of ever having sexual intercourse by the 24-month follow-up was 33.5% in the abstinence-only intervention and 48.5% in the control group. Fewer abstinence-only intervention participants (20.6%) than control participants (29.0%) reported having coitus in the previous 3 months during the follow-up period (RR, 0.94; 95% CI, 0.90-0.99). Abstinence-only intervention did not affect condom use." ...

I haven't read the full text (it's there, it requires registration), but the NPR story says that this is very much not a traditional "abstinence until marriage" program, and that it focuses on how sex fits into "goals and dreams for the future".

So rather than preaching it offers the choice as a way they can have control over their lives. Hmmm...

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#Comment Re: made: 2010-02-03 22:11:05.051717+00 by: Dan Lyke

Further: In the MeFi thread it's pointed out that the difference is 9 people.

#Comment Re: made: 2010-02-03 22:06:15.40242+00 by: Dan Lyke

The obligatory World of Warcraft-Abstinence mash-up poster

#Comment Re: made: 2010-02-03 21:34:18.156069+00 by: Dan Lyke

Pick a couple of low income neighborhoods, there's your sample. The 33.5% who had intercourse within the next two years were probably pimped out by their step-dads.

And much beyond 2 years, 14 years old, and any "goals and dreams for the future" they may have had are largely toast.

#Comment Re: made: 2010-02-03 13:28:07.305234+00 by: andylyke [edit history]

Mean age was 12.2 years??? I wonder how long they worked to find just the right sample to prove their point? Maybe it was a few octogenarians and a bunch of 6 year olds?