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Ignoring the hostages

2010-02-22 16:34:55.183649+00 by Dan Lyke 5 comments

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#Comment Re: made: 2010-02-24 00:34:25.347282+00 by: ebradway

Meuon: you never had a gun safe in the NOC because you kept the weapons in plain view, sometimes sitting on a desk, sometimes slung over a shoulder ;)

#Comment Re: made: 2010-02-23 19:19:11.591307+00 by: meuon

I've never had a gun safe and ammo in the NOC. Never. . Laughing...

#Comment Re: made: 2010-02-23 11:15:52.162981+00 by: John Anderson

Dan, Cory Doctorow sort[Wiki] of did that story with "When Sysadmins Ruled The Earth", a short from his Overclocked[Wiki] collection. Less gun ownership, more gliberatarianism-via-Usenet and fast-acting plague rather than terrorists, but... yeah.

#Comment Re: made: 2010-02-22 22:34:08.636874+00 by: Dan Lyke [edit history]


I've also noticed a correlation between sysadmins and firearms ownership. Seems to me like there'd be a really good movie in "terrorists take over a NOC", with the climax involving the sysadmin and his PFY deciding that they have to sacrifice the stash of cask strength scotch in order to build an incendiary device to keep the servers up.

#Comment Re: made: 2010-02-22 21:29:06.103037+00 by: Mark A. Hershberger


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