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Denmark Co: Autism an advantage for software testing

2010-04-09 20:51:03.633506+00 by Shawn 1 comments

I picked this up through an internal discussion board at work and thought it was one of the most awesome things I'd heard in a long time.

A Thriving Denmark-Based Software Company Only Hires People With Autism

Thorkill Sonne, who founded Specilisterne in Copenhagen, believes that everyone does not have to fit in socially-accepted little boxes. He means to change the nature of that box completely. He is turning disability on its head, hiring his employees because of their ability.

It's nice to see somebody, somewhere recognizing that a) we're not all interchangeable cogs, and b) everybody is capable of doing something well enough to pay them for it.

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#Comment Re: aspie's made: 2010-04-12 19:56:29.379348+00 by: ghasty

Having a son with Asperger's, I can see a perfect fit here.