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iPad stuff

2010-04-19 17:38:25.963034+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

There's a general feeling that Apple's put the kibosh on Flash on the iPhone and iPad because it wants to force developers into committing to the platform. I haven't done much cross-platform (OS/X to iPhone/iPad stuff) yet, but JWZ rants a bit about some of the wankery in the differences between those two platforms, adding fuel to the "Apple wants to sew up this platform by making it hard to port" theories.

Having had it for a few more days, I've played a bit with JavaScript and the <canvas> element, not fast enough to do much interesting stuff, not compatible enough to take many of the apps I'd most like to use straight across, so it looks like developing straight Objective-C is the strongest way to go. Price for ebooks doesn't seem to be any cheaper than paper, and I can't pass them along to anyone else. Further, at least with the Amazon apps I can read the ebooks on my iPhone and have the possibility for other apps, and the iPad feels a bit too large for reading paperbacks. So it's really not a decent ebook reader, and as a web browser, despite my hopes for a shareable experience, it's got most of the flaws of the iPhone browser.

I was hoping for the game changer, and this may be the Palm of that space (assuming that the Windows tablets were the Newton), but it's not yet the iPhone of it.

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