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Pain in the RSS

2010-06-28 19:25:55.14561+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

Somewhere between RSSyl and Claws-mail, I had a crash which nuked my RSS feed list (think it has to do with a resource leak in the spam processing, how obscure is that?). I still have the folders, but I lost the OPML file which listed which name went to what. And, of course, my backup is a few months old.

So, I want to recreate it. My first thought was to write a little Perl script that ran through the folder names, plugged 'em into Google, got back the home pages, analyzed for RSS, and subscribed to those. Unfortunately, Google seems to have gone all JavaScripty in their interface, so that's no longer as easy as /q=$search.

I'd also like something with an interface as quick and friendly as RSSyl in Claws-mail. In fact, I'd probably be super overjoyed if the poll process ran as a separate thing and dumped into my ~/Mail folders, to be read by Claws-mail, 'cause that'd allow me to do some cleanup of malformed feeds that RSSyl has some problems with, and maybe even find something that's smarter about same update posted in different places, and a little bit of intelligence about a lot of people posting the same link.

Haven't gotten that far yet.

Anyway, no real content here but a little whining.

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