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Preparing Kids for the Unknown

2010-10-29 16:16:33.450585+00 by Dan Lyke 1 comments

Chris in Florida passed along NY Times: Preparing Kids for the Unknown, some musings on what kids may face. Some of it is a little apocalyptic:

... What if “a fully wired, completely interconnected, always-on global marketplace of ideas and innovation” isn’t actually what the future will look like, she asks. “What if we’re raising our kids to succeed in a George Jetson kind of world, but they wind up living more like Fred Flintstone?”

I've known people all my life who were, in one way or another, preparing for the collapse of society, and though history suggests that sooner or later they're gonna be right it's hard to not just ride the bubble while it's here. On the other hand, some of the musings in there are a good reminder that we ought to be thinking about teaching kids to problem solve in a bunch of different environments, and not simply figure out how to regurgitate what's shoveled into them.

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#Comment Re: made: 2010-10-29 20:16:05.485513+00 by: ebradway

Once again, the what no one really seems to want to posit is that the collapse of society (and the mediated environment) will involve a massive reduction in human population. Also, we'll have a period with no TV in which to try to acquire some of the necessary skills. And without the internet, those skills will need to be acquired through direct contact or tinkering.

And excuse me while I go pick the last of my tomatoes. I believed the forecast last night. It wasn't nearly as warm as the weather forecast stated.