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2010-11-18 15:37:10.697428+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

Netsurf is a small lightweight web browser for Un*x-like platforms. With CSS, HTML 4, Unicode and HTTPS support, no JavaScript yet (but that's not necessarily a bad thing...).

From a modern monster PC to a humble 30MHz ARM 6 computer with 16MB of RAM, the web browser will keep you surfing the web whatever your system. Originally written for computer hardware normally found in PDAs, cable TV boxes, mobile phones and other hand-held gadgets, NetSurf is compact and low maintenance by design.

Discovered via someone pointing out this article about Netsurf which observes:

The best possible way to install NetSurf is compiling from source code. There are some binary packages [list of platforms elided] but they are most likely spiked with GTK libraries which are of no interest here.

When GTK dependence is "heavyweight", I've found my tribe.

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