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RedTube legal

2011-02-02 23:43:48.169749+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

Eric Goldman: Free-to-Consumers Ad-Supported Website Isn't Illegally Priced--Cammarata v. Bright Imperial:

Kevin Cammarata ran subscription-based porn sites until he sold his business at an allegedly depressed sales price. The defendant runs an ad-supported porn site, RedTube.com, one of many porn websites with the suffix -tube.com as an homage to YouTube. Nothing about any of the websites implicated by this lawsuit is office-safe. The court, apparently with a straight face, sets the context by saying "the formerly profitable subscription-based websites 'have been brought to their knees' by the tube-based sites." (Once again reinforcing that the Internet is really just a series of tubes...?)

Basically, Cammarata was pursuing the case that free porn sites were distributing content below market cost in order to drive him out of business. Since the free porn sites are basically advertising for pay porn sites, that's a hard (sorry) case to make. Wired's summary of Goldman's article. MeFi thread.

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