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Identifying your MacBook

2011-02-17 19:50:46.01219+00 by Dan Lyke 1 comments

David Chess on trying to identify which MacBook product you have:

Sadly, when I enter the serial number of one of these, it tells me that it's a 13-inch Macbook. Woo woo! I knew that; I need to know if it is the Mid 2007 one, or say the Late 2006 one, or perhaps the Mid 2009 one, or for all I know the "Macbook (13-inch, made that day when Lenny came in smashed)" model.

The other method on the page instantly disqualifies itself from usefulness by starting with "If you still have the box or receipt from your MacBook...".

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#Comment Re: made: 2011-02-18 11:33:13.248547+00 by: DaveP

When you do "About this Mac" and then "More Info" the first thing you're taken to is the computer information in System Profiler. My (old) MacPro, for example, is listed with a Model Identifier of MacPro1,1 which is the unique to the model. Works on every Mac, and most savvy sites will let you look for parts of whatever by that identifier.