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Moving people vs moving goods

2011-06-06 19:36:14.293528+00 by Dan Lyke 4 comments

Interesting: Patrick Chovanek on China's high speed rail:

Rather than moving people more quickly, [China] should build a rail system that moves goods and makes people more productive where they already are.

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comments in descending chronological order (reverse):

#Comment Re: made: 2011-06-07 01:44:23.410133+00 by: Dan Lyke

Hmmm... Wonder what the tons per employee ratio is in trucking vs trains...

#Comment Re: made: 2011-06-07 01:06:21.267001+00 by: ebradway

Ya forgot one:

#Comment Re: made: 2011-06-06 22:30:26.371444+00 by: Dan Lyke

(Not being snarky, brainstorming about these sorts of issues is very valuable to me.)

#Comment Re: made: 2011-06-06 21:25:03.650554+00 by: meuon

Forget China, the USA needs that badly. Why are so many large trucks doing long haul?