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Not a widespread problem

2012-09-28 23:03:10.537047+00 by Dan Lyke 1 comments

ABC News Tracks Missing iPad To Florida Home of TSA Officer:

The agency disputes that theft is a widespread problem, however, saying the number of officers fired "represents less than one-half of one percent of officers that have been employed" by TSA.

I don't wanna be a troublemaker or nothin', but how much money are we spending on these goons and how much less than one-half of one percent of air travelers are terrorists? Seems like if theft by the TSA isn't a widespread problem then neither is terrorism, and we can do away with the TSA.

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#Comment Re: made: 2012-09-29 00:00:15.138445+00 by: Dan Lyke

So The U.S. Census Bureau Statistical Abstract of the United States 2012 says that in 2009 there were 353.6 thousand arrests of those 18 years and over for larceny-theft in the United States. US Census Age and Sex Composition: 2010 says that there were 36.5% in the 18-44 range and 26.4% in the 45-64 range. 310 million people, that's 195 million in the 18-64 range, or somewhere around a .18% arrest rate.

(This is assuming that people 65 and older don't steal. We're giving the TSA the benefit of the doubt.)

So the TSA employees are apparently fired for larceny and theft at 2.5 times the arrest rate for larceny and theft in the general population.