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Servers in everything

2012-11-09 21:46:33.392708+00 by Dan Lyke 1 comments

ARM CEO Warren East says that Moore's Law is irrelevant, efficiency is now more important than processing power:

... The analogy I would use is routers. Once upon a time, routers were effectively mini-computers in a massive box. Cisco managed to reduce that to things you have in your home. There's no reason it shouldn't go that way for servers.

Yes. This.

[Edit: The Slashdot article suggests that there's a hell of a lot of marketing speak in this guy's presentation. I'm not linking to it for notions of whether ARM or Intel is actually building more efficient processors, but because I think his vision of the re-decentralization of computing is important]

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#Comment Re: made: 2012-11-09 23:03:36.47167+00 by: ebradway

My $70 Cisco/Linksys E3000 reports 239.20 BogoMIPS with about 26MB of RAM and 32MB permanent storage. I can't remember the exact specs on my first Linux desktop , but I'm sure it was comparable.

And given my recent laptop experience, I have to concur. More cores are nice but greater battery life would be even better.