Flutterby™! : Sex and booze beat religion and kids

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Sex and booze beat religion and kids

2012-11-21 15:32:41.136466+00 by Dan Lyke 1 comments

From the "investigating the obvious" files: University of Canterbury (New Zealand) postgraduate psychology researcher Carsten Grimm's research project has determined that sex and alcohol make you happier than religion and kids. No duh.

Surprisingly Facebook rated last in meaning while texting came in 26th in happiness. Carsten's research has revealed the complex relationship between happiness and well-being in people’s daily lives.

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#Comment Re: made: 2012-11-21 18:23:19.931686+00 by: meuon

At some (dark) point in my life I put some real thought into figuring out what makes me happy. It really turned into realizing that my natural state was happiness and that I only had to avoid things that make me unhappy. Or at least that is the perception of my reality that allows me to perceive myself as happy.

Sex is always at least +1, usually a lot more. A little alcohol when I am already in a good mood is a +1, it can also detract from my happiness if I'm not in a good mood. A lot of alcohol is always bad. A little religion: +1, a lot: -10.

Bad things: Watching the news. Checking my bank statement..