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Firearms of the moment

2013-01-18 15:57:04.610384+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

The Never Empty Double Gun:

What makes the NEDG unique is that it allows its operator to clear a jam, or reload the weapon, while simultaneously maintaining it in a ‘live fire’ or ‘ready’ status, ensuring the operator is always able to fire the unit ‘immediately and without hesitation’ – even if they are in the middle of a process that would normally render them defenseless. ...

So it's kinda like a double-necked bass. Which means that if we're gonna turn this into a true heavy metal hair band analogue, we need to find the keytar of firearms.

Also, Pink Gun.com allows you to order a custom floral or leopard print patterned handgun and pick it up at your local gun dealer.

Both via this Atomwire press release.

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