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Chumby Lives!

2013-02-07 22:18:35.19559+00 by meuon 3 comments


Thank you Zurk!

Thanks to you, my little old Chumby Classic is very happy, and playing music without Chumby.com. Nancy was looking for a small cute music player for her office. and while a Squeezebox Radio would have worked, it is not as cute... and it's $175.

Recycling a Chumby is a great answer.

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#Comment Re: made: 2013-02-12 21:11:38.082065+00 by: Nancy

Well....Chumbster is tan...and tan is not cute. I have approximately 73 sharpies and I am thinking 'raspberry leopard print' to match my office. Or I could make him an outfit, but I might save my sewing for Iggy aka Pleo who is in much more dire straits, clothes-wise.

Oh! I wish Chumbster were a girl! But with a name like that..

What's your Chumby's name?

#Comment Re: made: 2013-02-10 00:54:29.516831+00 by: meuon

Adding notes: The Chumby did not like the DLNA/UPnP media server on my ASUS RT-16 much, but I just put MediaTomb on my little Atom Asus netbook I am using for a home media server. It "Just Worked". The Chumby seems to play mp3's better than oggs so far. MediaTomb seems to work really well. Simple and just about all I was looking for.

#Comment Re: made: 2013-02-08 04:42:24.604328+00 by: Dan Lyke

Oooh, cool! I'll have to put this on my Chumby and put it out in the shop or something...