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1999-10-01 07:00:00+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

john s jacobs anderson of Genehack points out a couple of omissions in yesterday's notes on separating reality and fantasy: the TV actor who gets approached with tips on how to handle situations that their character is in (He mentions a Harlan Ellison[Wiki] report on one of the Ponderosa characters); the "exploding car crash" meme causing people recently pulled from accidents to behave irrationally (no mention of the requisite flaming tire rolling from the wreckage, however[*]); and the assorted RISKS reports of "simpler" user interfaces obscuring the true meanings of what the user is manipulating. Objectivism appeals to me, but it's predicated on the belief that humans are rational beings. I can buy that in my more optimistic moments, but sometimes I wonder if in being up-beat I'm just masking the reality. Sigh. Oh well, go run Windows, rent your summer special effects movies from Blockbuster, and buy your coffee at Starbucks. Just expect no pity from me.

[*]Gratuitous Terry Pratchett[Wiki] reference.

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